QSS Green-Standard

QSS Green Standard is having built in Noritsu IJ technology, which uses wide variety of paper with both single-sided prints and auto duplex printing. Ideal for Color Labs & Studios for high resolution Photo books and Amateur as well as Professional Prints.

Maximum Print Size

Roll Paper: 10" x 69.2"
Sheet Paper: A4 Duplex

Print Capacity

6" x 4": approx. 650 prints/hour
10" x 12": approx. 195 prints/hour

Compact space-saving design with footprint of 0.43 sq.m

High resolution prints: 1440 X 1440 dpi

Excellent print quality with the option of switching among variety of profiles
  • Emulate traditional printing (AgX)
  • Full Color Inkjet (IJ)
  • Soft Finish (Portrait)

Supporting native Raw file for lossless printing

Noritsu EZ Controller is a complete professional workflow software solution that handles everything from print order management to image correction. EZ-Controller software utilizes exclusive AccuSmart™ image-processing technology to ensure consistent, high quality output.