QSS-3904G adopts the laser print technology that has been industry proven and trusted for its high definition and high quality AgX prints with print resolution of 640 dpi x 640 dpi. The 640 dpi accurately portrays fine details and meets the expectations of even the discerning consumers.

QSS-3904G has excellent print quality and suitable for customers that need lightning speed, it pushes productivity to new heights.

Maximum Print Size

Roll Paper: 12" x 36"

Print Capacity

6" x 4": approx. 2,120 prints/hour
12" x 36": approx. 132 prints/hour

Print Versatilities

Having added capability to process thin paper (135~ 160µm)

Standard Features

Dual Magazine System
Auto Colorimeter
Print Sorter Unit

Value Addition Options

Triple Magazine System
Quad Magazine System

Supporting native Raw file for lossless high quality printing

Noritsu EZ Controller is a complete professional workflow software solution that handles everything from print order management to image correction. EZ-Controller software utilizes exclusive AccuSmart™ image-processing technology to ensure consistent, high quality output.